TEAN-APTE Seminar 2012

Lenses of Partnership
Lenses on Partnership

30th March 2012
Friends’ Meeting House, Euston Road, London

What is the seminar about?

Partnership is being redefined in education; seismic shifts in the landscape of partnership are leading to questions of the definition and these questions must be addressed. How do you see partnership evolving? Are you involved in reinventing your own stance, in reaffirming your conviction with regards to partnership or in contesting the very notion of partnership? This one day event, presented by APTE and TEAN will offer you the time and space to engage with this key element for the future of education.

Professor Gordon Kirk will set the scene for the day by looking at the ‘big picture’, asking how partnership will have to adapt to flourish in the future. Delegates will then have the opportunity to personalise this agenda, looking at the challenges which must be addressed.
[Gordon Kirk’s Presentation]

To continue the debate in the afternoon sessions, Dr Linda Rush will start the afternoon by giving us an example from Liverpool Hope University of successful partnership working which delegates will then be able to consider in the light of their own situation. Focussing on the positive and ‘proven’ elements of partnerships, delegates will work together to construct effective ideas for the sector which will be posted on the TEAN and APTE websites.
[Linda Rush’s Presentation]

Who is it for?

The seminar is for all those involved in initial teacher education, in all phases (early years, primary and secondary); we welcome colleagues interested in effective partnership working from universities or schools from all areas of the UK and beyond.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Gordon Kirk was formerly Dean of Education and Vice-Principal at the University of Edinburgh. He is now Academic Secretary to UCET. He has written widely on partnership in teacher education. His current work is concerned with the knowledge base in teacher education and its implications for partnership.

Dr Linda Rush is Vice Dean of the Education Faculty at Liverpool Hope University. She is working on a signature pedagogy of partnership which represents a paradigm shift in thinking about teacher learning at Liverpool Hope University, repositioning the focus of learning from content to concepts and towards a vision in which key learning dispositions and capacities are fore grounded for all involved.

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