TEAN-APTE Seminar 2014

Finding ways to work with new routes into teaching

Relational tensions in Partnerships; the impact of recent policy changes

Thursday 20th March 2014
Chancellor’s Room, Hughes Parry Hall, University of London

TEAN, the Teacher Education Advancement Network, and APTE, the Association for Partnership in Teacher Education are pleased to present another opportunity for colleagues to come together to advance the conceptualisation of partnership in teacher education.

What is the seminar about?

This year we consider relational tensions inherent in partnerships and ways of overcoming them: school / HEI; school / school; school / Local Authority; HEI /HEI; as well as the tensions inherent in School Direct with employment and training routes. The intention of the day is to offer an opportunity to bring colleagues from schools and HEIs together to “deconstruct, confront, theorise and then, think otherwise” about this area that is vital for the health of our teaching profession and the various sites of professional teacher engagement.

Who is it for?

The seminar is for all those involved in initial teacher education, in all phases (early years, primary and secondary); we welcome colleagues interested in effective partnership working in universities or schools from all areas of the UK and beyond.


  • Dr d’Reen Struthers, University of Roehampton
  • Dr Beth Dickson, University of Glasgow
  • James Burch, University of Cumbria
  • Rachel Macdonald, Director of Guru Nanak Teaching School Alliance
  • Eric Winstone, Ormiston Bushfield Academy, Peterborough
  • Paula Gladwin, Hibernia College UK
  • Nick Olley, The Cambridge Partnership

The day will also offer an opportunity to network with schools and to explore good practice amongst a wide range of teacher educators.

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